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President and founder of Priority IAC™, Richard Breunig’s development of Priority IAC™ products began with his work at Clover Mist Farms. Unexplained sickness on the farm drove him to study a cow’s rumen and digestive system. This study lead to the development of the P-One Program™ and the rest of the Priority IAC™ product line. His broad experience gives him the expertise to work with all types of breeds and species. Priority IAC™ continues to strive to improve their products just like any farm strives to improve their herd.

Priority’s branded strains of Smart bacteria works orally by going directly to the heath center of animals. The immune system plays a critical role in the health and well-being of sheep.

All ruminate animals have similar digestive systems. That’s why our products work so well. A sheep’s digestive system functions much the same way a cow’s digestive system works.

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